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TowneScapes, Towne Construction Services

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Landscape Designers are valuable members of the TowneScapes team, providing support to Sales and Production to ensure timely and effective installations.  Like all Sales, Production, Administration and Crew positions, the focus of the Designer is to prioritize and pursue actions that best benefit the team as a whole.

$40,000 to $55,000/yr.


1         Proficiency in CAD is required.  Preferably experience with AutoCAD, SketchUP, Photoshop and Office


2         Provide professional quality designs based on Salesman request.  Designs need to be accurate, prompt, and aesthetically pleasing with an attention to efficient installation and longevity.


3         Provide site measures as required.  Site visits are requested by Salesman or Production Manager, or when information provided by them cannot be clarified through a follow-up conversation.


4         Provide consultations as requested from the team or individuals.


5         Provide scaled takeoffs of completed designs, including both internal and external designs.


6         Consistently seek out methods for improving craft as listed here, including opportunities for personal, team and methodological improvement.


7         Self-motivate for all portions of the role.


8         Justify the role and the financial burden on the company by approaching role responsibilities with an attitude of earning it daily.


9         Respect the project schedule, both on the Sales and Production sides.  This is done by working to deadlines and recognizing what projects carry priority.


10     Seek out work internally, including methods in which to contribute to the needs of team, both individually and on the whole.


11     Seek out work externally, reflect positively and professionally on self, the team, the business and reputation.


12     Consistently present a professional and positive attitude and appearance.


13     Prove accountability by delivering on tasks as listed above.

The ideal team member exhibits pride in personal work and in the team.

Please inquire directly: Adam Erbaugh, 513-373-9979,

How to Apply

Call or email direct:
Adam Erbaugh
513-373-9979 please leave a voicemail


CAD Construction Drawings Design

Contact Information

Mr. Adam Erbaugh
TowneScapes, Towne Construction Services
Sales and Design
500 Kent Road
Batavia, Ohio 45103
United States
Phone: 513-373-9979


TowneScapes, Towne Construction Services
Job Posting Dates
02/10/2022 - 12/31/2023
Position Type
Full Time
$40,000 to $55,000
Cincinnati, Ohio; Northern, Kentucky
Job Functions
Architecture & Urban Planning

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