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HVLP spray gun painter
Mill Mechanical

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We are a growing company in Monroe, looking for someone with a little automotive experience. As of now this is a part time job, with potential to become full time. It will be about 20-25 hours a week. Hours and days can be negotiated and can be changed on week to week basis, as long as the work gets completed. You can work Mon- Fri for a couple hours a day if you want, OR you could work Tues Wed if you wanted. You will not be painting cars, we are a machine and fabrication shop. 90% of the work we do is making parts or rebuild parts for AK Steel. The majority of your time will be spent painting parts for AK Steel. If you are a dedicated worker and want more hours, you can assist others around the shop when all painting is done. If you are just wanting to work the minimum amount of hours, that is ok too. If you are a dependable person and good worker you will be able to get up to $3.00 raise just in first few months, a $1 every six weeks if you are doing a good job and showing up to work on time. For those of you in automotive collision repair, this is great practice for you, -nd chance to make good money while in school.  If interested please text me at 513-516-6750 or email at  

How to Apply

Email or text:

Anthony W Caudill
371 Lawton Ave

Monroe, US-OH 45050



Contact Information

Mr. Anthony W Caudill
Mill Mechanical
371 Lawton Ave
Monroe, Ohio 45050
United States
Phone: 513-516-6750


Mill Mechanical
Job Posting Dates
04/08/2019 - 04/08/2025
Monroe, Ohio
Job Functions

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