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State Tested Nurses Aides  needed for a well-established and respected Long-term care facility in the Anderson area of Cincinnati.

Are you looking for a change?

Are you a loyal, passionate and energetic?

Are you looking for a place that allows you to be supported by a family like atmosphere?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these questions, The Anderson Rehabilitation and Nursing is waiting to hear from you!




Must be currently registered with the State of Ohio Nurse Aide Registry or enrolling/enrolled in a State approved Nurse Aide Training Program. Must be able to read and write, as well as follow verbal and written instructions.




Sense of humor. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Good mental and physical health, including adequate vision and hearing to detect changes in resident conditions. The abilities to withstand strenuous physical activity, work well under pressure, complete assigned tasks promptly.  Our STNA staff are expected to communicate effectively with residents, coworkers, and the Charge Nurse. The accurate, timely documentation of tasks completed, percentages of meals and supplements consumed, and recording other resident related information is vital.


The State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) must have a genuine interest in the care of the elderly resident as well as other residents who require extended care.  The residents under our care are often physically and/or mentally incapacitated and are usually chronically, and sometimes acutely ill.  The STNA must have understanding, patience, compassion, tact and the desire to deal with the infirm residents, their families, and their visitors.  These people can sometimes be verbally and even physically abusive, but the STNA must be able to tolerate and continue care without retaliation. 


The STNA must promptly report any changes in the condition or behavior of the residents in her/his care to the Charge Nurse.  All information about the residents is private and must never be shared with anyone other than the staff caring for resident. When sharing information regarding a resident it must be done in a discreet manner so as to avoid anyone not involved from hearing the issues. Incompetence and errors can result in serious problems for our residents every attempt should be made to avoid them.  It is even more important to recognize and admit when errors were made so that they can be corrected. The STNA must practice universal precautions at all times to protect the STNA as well as the resident. The practice of good body mechanics is important to protect the resident and the worker from injury or other harm and the STNA is expected to practice good body mechanics at all times.


Last, but certainly not least, a warm, friendly smile used generously with a gentle touch are the primary ingredients in all areas of resident care. The STNA is expected to present and display actions/behaviors that comply with the facility’s Ethics & Compliance Program.


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The Anderson
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12/23/2023 - 05/31/2024
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8139 Beechmont Ave
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